Children's real junior sized mini jeeps and sports cars. Turn up to drive, no need to book. Road Awareness Skills and other Outdoor activities for Children based in Nottinghamshire

Used cars are now for sale

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Used mini cars are now for sale.  

mini junior sized cars - petrol driven

Ages from one year to 14 years old - parents can drive too

WheelgateTheme Park and Animal Park: NG22 8HX

opening hours at Wheelgate: 10.00 to 5.00 Weekends and All school holidays


It’s not surprising that children have so much fun with jumicar at our outdoor activities for children practising and learning road awareness skills:

From 1 year old they can sit behind the steering wheel with a parent or staff in the passenger seat controlling the car.

To drive unaided is usually from 6 years old, however we have had many good and able drivers from 5 years old and several 4 year olds are able to drive our real, environmentally friendly junior-sized cars, powered by real engines, just like the grown-ups on the roads.

The children operate the steering wheel, accelerator and brakes as they negotiate the course, where they learn to recognize and react to traffic lights and zebra crossings, get to know what the various road signs mean and gain a feeling for the flow of road traffic. They learn to recognize the hazards, to show consideration for others and to understand better how a traffic situation appears to a driver, which improves their safety awareness as pedestrians and cyclists.

'Children’s go karting' 'children's parties' and 'outdoor activities for children'.

Everything points to jumicar

Outdoor Activities for children

  • learning through play
  • greater safety on the roads
  • Childrens go-karting - the jumicar cars are mini jeeps and sports cars
  • children’s parties
  • an enjoyable leisure activity

for parents

  • road awareness training for their children
  • a meaningful leisure pursuit with instruction and supervision
  • low-priced fares
  • A super outdoor activity

Further information

All cars have seat belts and some cars can even take passengers. So Mum and Dad, Grandma or Grandpa can help the little ones to drive and experience what it is like to navigate a car around a driving circuit too. No booking is necessary (unless in term time) just arrive to drive. All new drivers receive a free provisional driving license/loyalty card.

The Children's driving experience - a safe, fun and educational activity.

By taking part in an exciting and enjoyable experience on our road circuits they learn almost without realising it:-

  • a fun way of learning road awareness skills
  • the green cross code for the younger visitors
  • the importance of obeying the rules of the road
  • to be considerate to other road users
  • to be aware of the hazards on the road
  • how to behave safely as a driver, a passenger and as a pedestrian

They learn all the above surprisingly quickly!

During our opening times you can just arrive and drive - no bookings are necessary.
If you require more information on our children’s go-karting, children’s parties and our other outdoor activities for children please contact us at our base in Nottingham.

Children’s go karting - children's parties - outdoor activities for children
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